Economic growth and development in Houston’s East End are dependent on a safe environment for businesses and the community. The Houston Police Department and Harris County Precinct 6 Constable’s office play important roles in insuring that the District’s 16 square mile area are well served. Business owners can request a site visit by HPD or Precinct 6 to have their property evaluated and proactively reduce the risk of criminal activity.

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  • Harris County Precinct 6 Constable 713-274-3400
  • HPD Eastside Division 832-395-1580
  • HPD South Central Division 832-394-0200
  • HPD Southeast Division 832-394-1600
  • Call 911 for extreme emergencies


In order for the Houston Police Department or Harris County Precinct 6 Constable to enter the premise of your home or business in your absence to enforce all applicable trespass laws, a signed and notarized trespass affidavit must be on file with their respective offices. Please feel free to download the following trespass affidavit forms and return notarized completed copies to the East End District HQ located at 3211 Harrisburg Blvd. where we will be happy to file on your behalf. Please direct any questions to Sgt. Simel Maldonado, Pct. 6 at

HPD Residential No Trespass Affidavit »
HPD Business No Trespass Affidavit »
Pct. 6 Business/Residential No Trespass Affidavit »


A smartphone application which places TABC information and access at your fingertips. In keeping with the four cornerstones of service, courtesy, integrity and accountability, TABC is proud to debut a new level of innovation into state government through civic engagement. TABC:Mobile provides the public, alcoholic beverage industry professionals, wholesalers, distributors and retailers a new avenue of communication.

TABC:Mobile is TABC’s preferred way of securely filing complaints and officially filing breach of peace reports quickly and easily. Filing with TABC:Mobile takes just minutes and provides verification of receipt by TABC.

Download TABC:Mobile for your Apple or Android Smartphone »


Crime is down in the East End compared to the rest of the City of Houston according to HPD crime statistics over the past 14 years. The following Crime Analysis chart illustrates the changes in violent and non-violent crime since 2003.


The Harrisburg Hike and Bike Trail has additional security in the form of bicycle patrols during daylight hours. The Harris County Precinct 6 Constable provides 2 officers on bicycles on the trail. Precinct 6 Deputies interact with neighborhoods along this well-traveled trail. The officers also report overgrown trees and shrubs, lighting deficiencies, and graffiti to the East End District for quick resolution.


The East End District implemented a Lock-Take-Hide program in partnership with East End property management groups to help reduce incidents of auto theft and burglary. Signs in parking lots remind patrons to lock their vehicles and take or hide possessions.


Anyone can report street lamp outages, and CenterPoint will repair them at no cost to the person reporting the outage When you see a lamp not working, write down the six-digit number found on the street side of the pole as you will need to enter it so CenterPoint knows the location. Report an Outage ».