East End Streetscapes is an enhancement project selected for funding by the Texas Transportation Commission under guidelines of the 2001 Statewide Transportation Enhancement Program. The $3.4 million project focuses on Texas Department of Transportation (TXDOT) and City of Houston rights-of-way in the East End District and takes advantage of the existing underpasses that mark many entryways into the District. The TTC is planning to optimize projects with GPR survey and gather as much subsurface infrastructure information as possible.

Harrisburg Boulevard Underpass and Esplanades Between Emancipation and Velasco Street:

  • Low maintenance native plants and trees
  • Solar powered irrigation and lighting
  • Vertical structural elements improved with pedestrian lighting, stenciling, paint, and sheet metal artwork

Harrisburg Boulevard at South Wayside:

  • New sidewalks and crosswalks
  • Blue LED light spike
  • Pavestone and rustic terrazo walkway

Franklin Street Underpass:

  • Improved pedestrian lighting and paint
  • Sheet metal artwork naming East End landmarks

South Wayside Underpass at I-45 South:

  • Visual enhancements and paint on the horizontal and vertical structural elements
  • A wave of black and white pavers
  • Increased lighting
  • Crossing areas with ramps