As a community effort to address transportation challenges, the East End District is implementing a comprehensive strategy focusing on transportation safety, quality of life and mobility throughout the district. Key initiatives include: identifying traffic flow impediments such as blocked railroad crossings, damaged crossings, inadequate pedestrian access, and malfunctioning traffic control devices.

Notes from the Coordinator

Jack C. Hanagriff, Road and Rail Safety Manager

A railroad crossing that is occupied by a train can be very frustrating. Crossing Signal Activation without a train “ghost train” or train “over-hang” causing the signals to activate can be just as frustrating.

The East End District is coordinating with the City of Houston Office of Innovation in analyzing crossing impacts and researching motorist assistance technology to help you get around impaired crossings.

Additional Rail Resources:
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The East End District is the center of railroad commerce with trackage accommodating four railroad companies.
To Report a Blocked Crossing
It's All About Safety
  • Always Expect a Train
  • Obey All Warning Signs and Signals
  • Don’t Race or Drive Around Gates
  • Only Cross Tracks at Designated Railroad Crossings
  • See Tracks, Think Train
  • Never Stop on Tracks, It’s the Law