people in Brown PlazaLocated at 2801 Harrisburg Boulevard and built with funding from The Brown Foundation, the plaza is part of a network of green links to East End hike and bike trails, parks, and new 6-to 10-foot wide sidewalks along Harrisburg Boulevard.  The plaza is a resting stop for pedestrians and cyclists, and is part of a $1.5 million project of new sidewalks and trails constructed by Harris County Precinct 2 in 2014, an important partner in the management district’s mobility plan for improved access and connectivity in the transit-dependent East End.

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Pedestrians and cyclists will find art-inspired amenities including a bike rack and bench at the plaza. Brick pavers that were once part of the Harrisburg Boulevard road bed in the early 20th century have been re-purposed for the plaza’s walkway. A drinking fountain, pedestrian-level lighting, and Texas-hardy landscaping are also featured. A Community Trees grant from the Houston-Galveston Area Council funded the trees.