We’re Hiring: East End District Seeks Communications & Marketing Leader

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The East End District is in an exciting period for growth with award-winning development constructed throughout the community. We are developing a team who will work with us to honor our history while we plan and maintain impactful, sustainable investments to benefit the District for years to come. The East End District is a geographic area serving approximately 16 square miles east of downtown Houston. The District’s services include public safety programs, an award-winning graffiti abatement program, maintenance of major thoroughfares, and disposal of illegally dumped trash. The District’s grant-funded capital program focuses on connecting neighborhoods and business to transit and resulted in $31 million in improvements through 2017, with an additional $45 million in new investments currently pending. Additionally, the East End District is home to  East End Houston Cultural Arts District, one of seven Houston-area districts recognized by the Texas Commission for the Arts.

Essential Qualifications and Skills

The candidate must be proactive and resourceful, with excellent interpersonal and communications skills. The candidate must be sensitive to District constituents’ information needs and satisfy a diverse community when promoting the District’s activities and accomplishments. In addition, the candidate must have the ability to grow with the demands of the job, have excellent writing skills, and knowledge of current IT developments, social media, and creative media platforms.

This is a full-time salary and benefits position, which includes responsibilities for communicating regarding District services, community development projects where the District has a role, and cultural district activities hosted by the East End Houston Cultural District.

  • Bachelor’s degree in related field is required. Advanced Degree and/or relevant certifications and licenses are preferred.
  • Bilingual (English/Spanish) preferred, but not required.
For Lead Position

  • A minimum of five (5) to seven (7) years of relevant professional experience.
  • Relevant experience in a non-profit or government business setting.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
  • Strong organizational and planning skills.
  • Strong customer services skills.
  • A demonstrated ability to represent in the District in meetings in a professional and polished manner.
  • Advanced skills and proficiency with the suite of Microsoft Office products, including Word, PowerPoint, Excel.
  • Working knowledge of Adobe Create Suites (Photoshop, Illustrator).
  • Proficiency with WordPress, Sprout Social, and Meltwater.
  • Video/Photo content capture and editing a plus.

For Manager Position:

  • A minimum of seven (7) to nine (9) years of experience including project management and third-party management experience preferred.
  • Excellent reasoning, strong decision-making skills, and the ability to work independently while effectively communicating progress, schedules, and issues of concern.
  • Strong experience with contracts, grant funding, and reporting.
  • Collaborative and work well in a team environment, well organized, ability to multi-task, act proactively, prioritize work and meet deadlines, while providing exemplary customer service.
  • Strong interpersonal skills, such as the ability to nurture relationships with a diverse group of stakeholders with competing interests.

All candidates will be required to present a portfolio of work during interviews.

Job Responsibilities

The Lead Candidate is responsible for the following:

  • Represent the District in the East End community and foster support for the District’s efforts to bring improvements to the area.
  • Support and coordinate with the media consultant the design and execution of a communications plan for the District, including, preparing and managing a content calendar with schedule for messaging and information.
  • Collaborate with the District’s media consultant to write, edit, and publish press releases, including other communication with local media for greater coverage. Seek opportunities for regional and/or national promotion through publications and other media outlets.
  • Promote the District’s events and activities using different digital platforms, including the website, social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram), and newsletters.
  • Update the District website regularly, including District and community events, current programs and projects, and news items to best provide constituents, stakeholders, and partners access to relevant information. Collaborate with the District’s senior staff to develop new web pages. Review website analytics at least monthly with the media consultant.
  • Produce a semi-annual hard-copy newsletter with the District’s media consultant, and the accompanying electronic newsletter.
  • Produce a monthly flyer of impending District and community events, construction information, and news items in collaboration with District staff for the Spanish translation.
  • Plan and assist in implementing media events and other special events with staff and coordinating with media consultant to promote District activities.
  • Provide support information and photos for grant proposals and special projects, as requested.
  • Reporting monthly to the East End District Board of Directors.
  • Coordinate with media consultant the execution of the District’s brand standards across all offline and online communication platforms

In addition, the Manager Candidate should be responsible for the following:

  • Managing contractors providing services to the District including web/IT services, as appropriate.

About the District:

The East End District was created by the Texas Legislature in 1999. The District represents more than 3,000 commercial properties within 16 square miles east of Downtown Houston. Assessments made on commercial properties within the District boundaries provide the funding needed to meet the goals set forth in the service plan developed by the Board of Directors. Additionally, the District partners with other entities and organizations to leverage its funds and further revitalization efforts.

All programs and services are approved by a District Board of Directors comprised of East End commercial property owners, business owners, and residents, and are developed to:

  • Create a safe environment within the District in both perception and reality.
  • Enhance the image of the District.
  • Collaborate to improve infrastructure and amenities in the District.
  • Attract more business and investments to the District.
  • Improve business opportunities, to increase economic activity for the business property owners, tenants, and their customers.

Interested candidates should send resumes to hello@eastenddistrict.com