The Livable Center initiative has several green, environmentally friendly concepts installed in the historic Second Ward neighborhhood where $5 million in stimulus funds will help to beautify this Corizon de Communidad. In addition to wider, pedestrian friendly sidewalks, plans include resetting the original brick pavers harvested and saved from the sub-street level of Navigation into the redesigned esplanades. Brick Pavers

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Pedestrian level lighting in the Livable Centers area is important for public safety along sidewalks and at bus stops. EED is installing a system of solar lights that use LED lamps powered by generators with collection panels. When this network of lights is complete, it’s expected to be one of the largest installations of pedestrian-level solar systems in the world!

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Landscape elements on Navigation, Sampson, and York streets in the Second Ward Livable Centers neighborhood include plants recommended especially for our region, such as Mexican Sycamore, Silverado Sage, Abelia, and Knockout Roses. A drip irrigation system with rain sensor technology was installed in the esplanades on Navigation.