Lockwood Native Plant Garden

  • Posted by East End District

A 200 foot by 30 foot area on Lockwood at Harrisburg was recently planted with native trees and plants that will provide shade and a place for the public to enjoy nature while waiting for the bus or light rail.The garden is designed for wildlife, specifically pollinators, including birds,butterflies and other insects, and includes a water feature. Native Texas grasses, shrubs, and trees will provide nectar, berries and seeds. Forty-five students and faculty from Furr High School’s Green Belt group helped install the garden, which becomes part of the network of sidewalks, trails, and parks that support pedestrian and bike activity throughout the East End. Funding for this project comes from the Connecting People with Nature grant administered by the US Fish and Wildlife Service and a TIGER grant from the Federal Highway Administration.

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 Lockwood Park