English Presentation

Spanish Presentation

For interactive survey questions, during the meeting, we will be using PollEverywhere. You can simply text responses or use your browser when prompted during the presentation. No download required.


What is Zoom?
Zoom is an online audio and video conferencing tool. Zoom calls allow participants the option to communicate through video, voice, and chat/text option.

Do I need an account to access Zoom?
No, Zoom does not require an account to participate. The link will take you where you need to go.

Do I need to Download any new software?
No, although Zoom may prompt you to download a new software, it is not necessary for you to enter and participate in the meeting. Click “enter meeting” next to the download option if you do not want to download the software.

How can I provide feedback or ask questions during the live meeting?
There will be designated times throughout the presentation where the presenter will ask for feedback. In that time you have the option to share your video and voice your comment, or type it in the chat to be addressed as comments are received. The chat feature will be available the entire meeting.

Do I need a camera on my phone or computer to use Zoom?
No, you do not need a camera on your phone or computer to access the zoom meeting. You will still be able to provide audio feedback and written comments, but your video will be turned off to other participants.

How do I mute or un-mute myself?
The mute button is on the bottom pane of your zoom window in the shape of a microphone. Click the microphone once to mute yourself and a line through the microphone will appear indicating you are muted. Click the microphone again to unmute yourself.

Will I be able to view this presentation after it is finished?
Yes, a recording will be available on this website.

I’m still having trouble accessing the meeting, what do I do now?
Text us at 832-390-1421 with your name and what your issue seems to be. We’ll do our best to help you access the meeting.

Facebook FAQ

Do I need a Facebook account to participate using this link?
Yes, if you have a Facebook account, please click the following link to view the online meeting. You will have opportunities to type/text in questions and/or written feedback.
If you do not have a Facebook account, this will not be a viable viewing option for you.

Am I able to ask a question showing my face/using audio?
Not through Facebook, but you are able to through Zoom. You can provide text questions and comments through Facebook, however.

Will I be able to view this presentation after it is finished?
Yes, a recording will be available on this website.

Don’t forget to share with your friends and neighbors by clicking the “share” option at the bottom right of the live streamed video.

After the Open House

How can I provide feedback after the meeting has taken place?
We will be accepting feedback on the meeting content from August 24- September 8 through an online survey:

If you have more to tell us, you can also email us: