Walking Tour With Dan Burden

  • Posted by East End District

The East End Second Ward neighborhood welcomed Dan Burden, a world expert on walkability, on February 21 for a street audit of Navigation Boulevard.

Joined by residents and others interested in a walkable community and the infrastructure and development that support it, and sponsored by AARP, Mr. Burden had numerous ideas on how to build Complete Streets that serve pedestrians, cyclists, transit riders, and drivers.
The Greater East End District, with $5 million in federal stimulus funds to make improvements on Navigation, Samspon and York, will impact this neighborhood where over 30% walk to work or school, and depend on public transportation. And Dan Burden agrees that once the district makes improvements, businesses will be encouraged to move in, and that should generate more revenue for city and the neighborhood. “You have to get the street right”, Mr. Burden told the group.

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