TX/RX Labs Announces Classes

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More than 40 classes in electronics, robotics, welding, computer programming will be offered.

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Always wanted to learn cool skills like welding, soldering, CAD, CNC, programing, etc? TX/RX Labs hands on classes will let you do that in a fun and collaborative atmosphere. TX/RX LAbs has a diverse curriculum tailored to the needs of makers, builders, or inventors. Classes run from October to November and are scheduled to work around  busy schedules. Come learn with TX/RX Labs and help support their goal of educating Houston in science and technology. All proceeds go to support our non-profit efforts.

What: TX/RX Labs 2012 Fall DIY Class Series

When: October-November 2012

Where: TX/RX Labs (205 Roberts St. Houston Tx, 77003)

web: http://classes.txrxlabs.org

email: classes@txrxlabs.org

phone: 832-656-9413