Recycle Survey

  • Posted by East End District

Does your commercial business recycle?The Gulf Coast Recycling Council (GCRC) needs assistance collecting data about recycling efforts of commercial facilities in the 13 county Greater Houston/Galveston area.  Very little data is available about commercial recycling activity in the area since most studies focus on residential waste and recycling.  The GCRC’s voluntary survey will provide a snapshot of recycling efforts of commercial facilities throughout the region.  All commercial sites, whether they DO or DO NOT recycle, are encouraged to complete the survey.  The survey takes about five minutes, and GCRC is using addresses to prevent duplications.  No other company information is required. 

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It is important to collect data from as many commercial facilities as possible, even from those who do not recycle anything.  The survey collection will be open until November 15, 2013.  A full report will be provided on the Gulf Coast Recycling Council website ( in December 2013.   

The survey website is below. Thank you for participating!