Public Safety and Security

  • Posted by East End District

Economic growth and development in Houston’s East End are dependant on a safe environment for businesses and the community.

Captain Robert Manzo of HPD’s Eastside Division sends this important message to all of our constituents, business owners and residents:

As a police officer with more than 30 years of experience, I am deeply aware of the fact that reducing crime is a joint effort between us and members of the community that we serve.  To state it simply, our effectiveness is reduced without the cooperation of the public.  This is the main reason why we encourage citizen involvement in our crime reduction initiatives.  

On behalf of the Houston Police Department, I would like to provide you with the following information that I know will reduce the likelihood that your business will become the target of a robbery. 

  • Stay Alert

Know who is in your business and where they are

Be suspicious of people wearing inappropriate clothing for the weather

Be aware of suspicious activity outside your business especially at opening and closing times

Write down license plate numbers of suspicious vehicles

  • Physical Deterrents

Keep your business well lit, especially at the entrances and exits

Maintain visibility throughout the business

Ensure that signs and displays do not obstruct the view of the customer service area from the street

Mark the edge of the main doorway at varying heights to help identify the height of a robber

Keep cash at a minimum, and post notices in the doorway to this fact

Consider the installation of video surveillance systems and/or alarms

  • Bank Deposit Procedures

Avoid wearing name tags or clothing advertising your business

Conceal cash/money bags in plain wrapping or in another container

Use police or armed protection when transporting large amounts of cash

Make deposits during daylight hours

Have at least two employees make all deposits

Travel directly to the bank.  Do not make any stops along the way

Vary routes and times

Call your business to inform someone when you arrive as well as when leaving the bank

Use different vehicles and personnel to make deposits if possible

Be alert to people in other vehicles possibly following you

Never leave cash unattended inside a vehicle

  • When Opening and Closing

Have at least two employees present

When arriving, visually inspect the perimeter of the building looking for suspicious persons and/or vehicles

Check all areas at closing to ensure that no one is hiding in the business


Do not carry the business’ receipts home.  Criminals often follow merchants home. 

Above all else, always remember that your objective is to survive the incident if you are confronted by a robber.  Remain calm and do not resist. Instead, focus your energy in paying attention to details so you can be a good witness.  Immediately call 911 after a robbery or to report any suspicious activity.  

I would like to thank the East End Management District for their continuous support of the Houston Police Department and for allowing me to use this venue to communicate with the members of our business community.  I know that the operation of a successful business is dependent, to a great extent, in being able to provide a safe environment in which to operate for your employees as well as for your customers.   We stand ready to assist you in achieving this objective. 

Captain Robert M. Manzo

Houston Police Department Eastside Division

7525 Sherman

Houston, Texas 77012


The Houston Police Department and Harris County Precinct 6 Constable’s office play important roles in insuring that the District’s 16 square mile area are well served. Business owners can request a site visit by HPD or Precinct 6 to have their property evaluated and proactively reduce the risk of criminal activity. Learn how to protect your business assets and your employees and get to know your local law enforcement team.

  • Harris County Precinct 6 Constable 713-923-9156
  • HPD Eastside Division 713-928-4600
  • HPD South Central Division 713-651-8100
  • HPD South Division 713-731-5000