Livable Centers 2 Update

  • Posted by East End District

The results of the final public meeting of the Livable Centers 2 initiative for the East End’s Second Ward and Fifth Ward communities will be published soon.

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Since September 2014, the Livable Centers Design Team has been engaging community members and gathering feedback about placemaking, economic development, housing, circulation and connectivity,open space, and sustainability. We listened to your concerns and ideas for the future of the Fifth Ward, Buffalo Bayou, and East End. With your feedback, we’ve developed a series of recommendations for the neighborhoods, with Buffalo Bayou serving as a unifying feature for the Fifth Ward and East End communities. The consultant team is reviewing comments from the final meeting on April 28th and will publish results soon. Stakeholder committees have been formed for the 6 areas of interest for the initiative. More information and to join a stakeholder committee, please contact:

Zakcq Lockrem at Asakura Robinson; 612-702-2453;

or email .