LINK Houston Releases Equity in Transit Report

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LINK Houston:

An equitable transportation network starts with strong regional and local transportation policies and decisions so that the benefits of transportation, as well as the burdens, are fairly distributed across the Houston region’s 6.9 million people. Equitable, affordable transportation will help the region pursue inclusive economic growth that further advances equity in incomes, education, and health outcomes rather than widening disparities between under-resourced communities and resourced communities.

LINK Houston’s Equity in Transit Report examines current transit services in Houston, who rides transit, and the equitable distribution of transit options for those communities that need it the most. The report aims to inform conversation and decisions to ultimately improve equity in the bus and rail network, such as the frequency of the schedule, reliability of the bus’s arrival, the hours of availability of services, and the rider’s ease of access. These factors improve the ability of under-resourced communities – communities for which transit provides a much needed, affordable transportation option – to access opportunity.