KIPP it Clean!

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20140513_140639KIPP Intrepid students created mural signs to discourage illegal dumping.This sign on Kolfahl St. is one of five art-inspired creations placed at the top dumping areas in the East End. Students and their teachers posed with Houston East End Chamber of Commerce president Frances Dyess; HPD officer Jason Cisneros; Maria Bolanos of the Mayor’s Citizen’s Assistance office; and employees of Eggelhoff, Inc. KIPP students developed the slogan “KIPP it Clean!” as part of an education and community service project. In addition to the five large signs, a brochure was designed to discourage dumping in the neighborhoods where the students live. The brochure, printed by Metro in English and Spanish and available for download from this page, contains messages from the students about heavy trash pick-up days and about using the City’s 311 phone number, website, or Smartphone mobile app to report illegal dumping. Houston 311 Report Illegal Dumping

picture1 Students design illegal dumping brochure.

 photo KIPP Intrepid students paint mural signs.