Illegal Dumping Sites

  • Posted by Jose Monterrosa

In 2013, the District staff and a newly-formed Illegal Dumping Task Force identified the most active sites for illegal dumping in East End and developed a plan to eliminate these recurring eyesores. Task force members include business owners, City of Houston Department of Neighborhoods staff, law enforcement officers, and residents. Two initiatives are currently in progress:
•East End neighborhoods are utilizing signage provided by the City to announce impending heavy trash and tree waste pick-up days to ensure that trash is left at the curbside on the correct days.
kipp_photo•KIPP Academy students, with guidance from the Houston East End Chamber of Commerce and HPD officer Jason Cisneros, painted anti-dumping messages on signs that will be placed in the East End to discourage illegal dumping. The students also created anti-dumping brochures that were distributed in the East End. Copies of the brochure are available from the Chamber offices, 713-926-3305.

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