Harvey Wilson Drive Construction

  • Posted by East End District

City of Houston has commenced work on Harvey Wilson Drive. The project is expected to take 440 days and the anticipated completion date for the $5.4 million reconstruction of Harvey Wilson, Plastics Ave., Gazin St. and Kress St. is December 19, 2013. Thank you to Houston City Council Member Ed Gonzalez for his efforts to keep this project moving forward, and to Public Works’ Mr. Dan Menendez and Mr. Tim Lincoln for ensuring that this important industrial access road is repaired to serve constituents and their businesses.

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Mr. Menendez and Mr. Lincoln joined the Council Member and business owners to discuss the project timeline at a meeting on December 12 at GEEMD offices. Impacts to traffic flow should be expected on these three streets, although Mr. Lincoln assured the group that workers would keep business owners informed of driveway closures and utility problems. To report non-urgent problems with utilities and construction, please call the City’s 311 line. Urgent problems should be reported to Joe Smith at COH Public Works 832-395-2364.