Esplanade Kiosks: Request for Proposals

  • Posted by East End District

Retail kiosk operations are being added to Navigation Esplanade.GEEMD is committed to the community vision of a fully revitalized, attractive and vibrant area, which is a shopping, food and entertainment destination for residents and visitors. These retail outlet kiosks will enhance a growing Esplanade, and will be complimented with restaurants, active pop-up tent vendors and a once a week farmers market.

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The RFP can be downloaded from the link to the left of this page. Provide four (4) copies of the proposal. GEEMD will reject any proposal they deem incomplete based on the information required by this RFP. Faxed and electronic mail proposals will not be accepted. Proposals should be submitted to:
Greater East End Management District
3211 Harrisburg Blvd.
Houston, TX 77003
Attn: Patrick Ezzell

Proposals for kiosks are due January 30th, 2015. All questions may be sent by email to, or by phone at 713-928-9916.