East End TIRZ

  • Posted by East End District

East End TIRZ. Houston City Council approved the creation of a Tax Increment Reinvestment Zone, TIRZ #23, on October 18, 2011.

The tentative plans for the development of the Zone include the expenditure of certain defined public funds for eligible project costs, including planning, engineering, and construction of new streets, water distribution and wastewater collection facilities, storm drainage improvements, cultural and public facility improvements, historic preservation and other related improvements, as well as the cost of organizing and establishing the Zone. The general impact of the proposed Zone will be to increase the value of taxable properties through the construction of new public and private improvements.

Located withing a contiguous geographical area of the City of Houston, the proposed TIRZ #23 is generally located east of the Houston Central Business District within a district more commonly referred to as the East End. A map of the proposed Zone is attached to this page, as well as TIRZ #23 Project Plan. If there are questions regarding the location of property in the Zone, please call the Greater East End Management District at 713-928-9916 for assistance and information.