Become a Clean Air Champion!

  • Posted by East End District

Your business or organization can become a Clean Air Champion through the Houston-Galveston Area Council’s “My Solution Is…” Pledge Campaign.In doing so, you and your employees will promote commute alternatives such as carpooling, teleworking, public transit, and alternative work schedules, as well as adopting clean fleet and no idling policies within your organization.

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Register now as a new Clean Air Champion by completing an APPLICATION for Clean Air Champion Commuters or Clean Air Champion Fleet. The deadline for registration is August 15, 2013.  Clean Air Champions will receive recognition at H-GAC’s 2013 Clean Air Action Leadership Awards Luncheon, which will take place on Thursday, September 19 at the Renaissance Hotel in Greenway Plaza. 

A flyer providing details about how organizations can gain recognition as a Clean Air Champion can be downloaded from this page, on the left.

The Houston-Galveston region faces particular challenges reducing air pollution and improving our region’s mobility. H-GAC has been working in cooperation with local governments and businesses to improve our region’s air quality, improve our transportations system, and enhance our quality of life. Thank you for your support of the Clean Air Champion campaign.