An Update on the METRORapid University Corridor Project

  • Posted by East End District

Part of the METRONext Moving Forward Plan, this project aims to develop a new METRORapid line running for 25.3 miles. The line would operate in a dedicated, transit-only lane to move through traffic.

The University Corridor begins at the Westchase Park & Ride near the intersection of the Westpark Tollway and the Sam Houston Tollway. It ends at Tidwell Transit Center, near the intersection of Tidwell Road and U.S. Highway 59.

The proposed route alignment passes through multiple residential, business and education centers:

• Segment 1 (from Westchase to Lower Uptown)
• Segment 2 (Greenway / Upper Kirby and Montrose)
• Segment 3 (from Wheeler Station to Eastwood Transit Center)
• Segment 4 (from Eastwood Transit Center to Greater Fifth Ward)
• Segment 5 (from Greater Fifth Ward to Tidwell Transit Center)

Take Video Tour

This 3D animation video is only a representation of the METRORapid University Corridor project. The actual alignment of the route and its various stops are subject to change as the design is finalized. The five respective segments appear during the time ranges listed below.

Segment 1 – 0:07-2:18
Segment 2 – 2:19-3:34
Segment 3 – 3:35-5:43
Segment 4 – 5:44-6:15
Segment 5 – 6:16-7:12