Meet East End’s “Buñuelos Lady”

Houston Public Media:

Celia Diaz says she and her family cooked the treat, a fried tortilla sprinkled with cinnamon, to bring good luck for the New Year. Today, Diaz sells buñuelos to Houstonians in Denver Harbor, a neighborhood in Houston’s East End. She also sells her treats at the East End Farmers Market.

  • December 12, 2017

NPR: Massive Mural Of Underwater Sea Life Pops Up In The East End

Tomeka Weatherspoon, Houston Public Media, December 11, 2017:

East End community groups and artists gathered to unveil a new large-scale mural. It’s a wall of underwater sea creatures not far from the city docks.

“It was a year of planning,” said Veronica Gorczynski of the Greater East End Management District. Her group supports efforts to beautify the area. “We had over 300 people over 2 weekends — that includes a Saturday and a Sunday just cleaning up the site.”

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East End Houston hosts first Comic Fan Festival

ABC13 Eyewitness News

Volunteers are set up for the first Comic Fan Festival that included live art shows, local food trucks and, of course, a big cosplay contest.

Roy Rodriguez, manager of the East End Farmers Market, is hopeful the Fan Festival will be an annual event.

“I would describe it as an area that had been forgotten for a time and one that has so much history that should never be forgotten,” Rodriguez said.

Houstonia: Our 10 Favorite Places to Live in Houston for 2017

Houstonia Magazine

Ann Pinchak spends her days gardening in her yard and handing out extra produce to passersby walking along her street’s promenade, or checking in with the vendors at the Sunday East End Street Market, where she’s a regular. Now that she’s found her way back to the neighborhood, she plans to stay put. “It’s diverse, it’s eclectic, it’s open-minded,” she says. “It’s just the most accepting neighborhood I’ve ever been in, and I’ve always felt alive here.”

  • November 23, 2016

Houstonians Say Better Sidewalks Could Help Ease The City’s Traffic Woes

Houston Public Media

Diane Schenke with the Greater East End Management District says it’s a big deal in her neighborhood and they’ve been trying to do something about it.
“A lot of the light rail stations, the streets coming to those stations did not have sidewalks,” says Schenke. “So the focus of our 35 miles of sidewalk is connecting neighborhoods both to those bus stops and light rail stations.”