An analysis of the demographics and retail potential in the East End in spring, 2013, by consulting group The Retail Coach, reveled that areas around Harrisburg, Navigation and Broadway are losing hundreds of millions in potential retail dollars because of needed retail development. The published report presents a retail gap-opportunity analysis, demographics of the East End retail sub-markets, and a void analysis by retail sector. The information was presented at an event on May 15, 2013: Houston Chronicle East End Potential Retail Revenue

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Retail Analyses reports:

East End Retail Market Analysis

Harrisburg Retail Gap Analysis

Navigation Retail Gap Analysis

Navigation Harrisburg Void Analysis

Broadway Retail Gap Analysis

Broadway Void Analysis



Retail Coach

About The Retail Coach: The Retail Coach is a premier national retail recruiting and development consulting firm. For more than 12 years The Retail coach has assisted local governments, chamber of commerce, economic development organizations, brokers, and developers in communities across 19 states. The Retail Coach