Houston City Council Members Karla Cisneros, District H, and Robert Gallegos, District I, recently presented 2017-2021 Capital Improvement Plan projects to their respective constituencies. District H and District I maps and projects are attached to the left of the page for download.

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The East End District has compiled a list of the top 10 needed improvements to East End streets and drainage. These lists are largely compiled from talking to assessment payers and our staff, who are in the District on a daily basis.

District H:

  • Sampson St., between Navigation and McKinney, complete repaving to correct fundamental base problems.
  • Lockwood St., between I-10 and Harrisburg, complete repaving.
  • Commerce St. complete street and major water line replacement.
  • 3100 block of Navigation Blvd. drainage improvements.

District I:

  • Polk St. from Wayside to Collier street repaving and drainage improvements.
  • Lockwood St., between Harrisburg and I-45 complete repaving.
  • Navigation Blvd. from Terminal St. to Wayside complete repaving
  • Esperson St., near the southwest corner of Navigation at Wayside, drainage improvements.
  • Supply Row complete street repaving and drainage improvements.
  • Ernestine St. near I-45 street repaving.